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team: Daan Weijers, Dario Loerke, Mikio Kiura
GUI was individual, development of the concept was group work.

The concept was formed from initial investigations with users on the topic of self surveillance. The empirical data led to first assumptions around the topics of general app usage and more specifically data collection. After several ideation rounds through brainstorms, the group agreed on a concept that tackles the problem of abundance of media content available.

With the metaphor of a record store in mind, the team focused on the record store owner – a figure that is perceived as a great selector, curating the in-store archive and serving customers with expertise.

What if these experts and their way of filtering out relevant content becomes readily available online?

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research methods

Having the space to investigate this further and narrowing in on the actual needs; “arcdive” was born. “arcdive” is a new bookmarking and knowledge sharing app that lets like minded readers find interesting online content by following experts in a certain field and giving time back from endless browsing.

Through rapid paper prototyping, some wireframing and user testing, the preliminary UI design was conceived and constructed to be able to be tested through a high-fidelity concept video. The video was set inside a record store and the idea to constantly reflect the analog needs and solution to digital was the main direction, it lead the team onto the final presentation which gave us feedback to use for the next week of GUI development.

user research

Having the time to test low-fi prototypes allowed us to test out early on in the process user experience using the initial app.

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Developing the architecture design allowed us to streamline exactly what was important in the initial development stage.

Sketch file of the GUI for the arcdive app, trying out different techniques for different user experience.

Sketch file of the GUI for the arcdive app, trying out different techniques for different user experience.

final concept development

The app was to make the bookmarking aspect as seamless and intuitive as possible and the ecosystem of reader and publisher is one of the important aspects of the app. At sign up you are automatically a reader, when you 'bookmark' an important link you become a publisher. The feedback loop created to entice publishers is a reward system based on readers input on the importance of the article to the 'crate'.