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Prototyping 4 - Building the back-end.

Service Blueprint V02

Building the back end

Plugging into already existing platforms such as SMS and FB Messenger as an inital entryway into the service. Once on-boarding is complete, match up and by using node.js running on a node server (digital ocean), and to build the chat interface.

I started by focusing on the backstage of the service allowing me to start to build how the conversational interface will work. Breaking it up into sections, I started by first understanding node.js and the requirements around this. Using DigitalOcean to get a node server was the first step and understanding the relationship between and node.js.

Testing the websocket as a conversational interface.

I set out to have a working initial prototype, by building a basic conversational interface with user feedback on both ends. This will eventually allow me to redirect the mothers who have signed up to the service into a personalized matched up conversation that facilitates the dialog between these two women.


  • New on-boarding process re-iterated from the key learnings from the first prototype.
  • Creating a fully functioning matching up system, that leads the unique conversations to their own conversational interface.
  • Creating a back-end database run on PHP, pulled directly from SMS/FB Messenger via textit. 
  • Scrapping the text from each unique id to match-up to the best possible user.
  • Retaining the message history for each participant upon every new message

To find out more:
- Initial Research Methods
- Design Challenge
- Initial In-Depth Interviews: Data Matching
- Experience Prototyping: Wrappers and Value Proposition 
- User Testing: Content and Conversational Style
- Building the back-end.
- Validated Concept
- Final Product:

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